wrongfully accused cockroach
Earlier today at the ungodly hour of 7:30 am when all sane people are just going to bed, my younger sister saw fit to burst into my room claiming she had just found a ‘giant cockroach’ on the driveway and required my assistance in removing it. I knew it was not a house cockroach as soon as I saw it, but any identification more precise than that evades me. The days of my etymological expertise (ages 6 through 12) are long gone now, so I felt I my need some assistance in naming this particular bug. I apologise if the photos are not as clear as they could have been, he is feeling a little camera shy and scurries to the other side of the ice-cream box whenever the camera flashes, so they are a little blurred. Thanks for your help,
Queensland, Australia

Hi Franko,
In America, the Giant Water Bug is known as the Toe-Biter, a well earned name, but we were curious if any colorful local names are used in Australia, so we researched. The Wildlife os Sydney site uses another name common in America, the Electric Light Bug, but also calls it the Giant Fish Killer. Lethocerus insulanus is found in nearly all parts of Australia.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I remember saving one of these guys from our parking lot at work. I had no idea that they could fly and he was far from any water. I took him home overnight to research who he was and where best to release him.
    They are formidable insects and I was very glad to see him on his way when I released him at a stream close to work the following morning. He was looking at me and rubbing his belly the entire drive. He was very impressive and more than a bit intimidating.

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