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Unknown Butterfly
Just returned from a trip to the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. While walking on the beach I photographed this beautiful butterfly. Black and green swallowtail. Is it in the Graphium family or??? thanks,

Hi Marily,
It might seem deceptive that it is brightly colored, flies by day, but is not a butterfly. This is a Swallowtail Moth, Urania fulgens. We found a website that indicates that this Central and South American species occasionally ranges into Florida. This species is prone to population explosions and mass migrations.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. Bob Robertson says:

    please can you tell me what plant/s the Urainia fulgens feed from

    Many thanks

    • bugman says:

      Please note that you have misspelled the scientific name of the Swallowtail Moth which could negatively impact your ability to locate information you desire. Texas Entomology has a bibliography of papers on the host plants of the Swallowtail Moth and there is text on the site indicating plants in the genus Omphalea, family Euphorbiaceae are hosts for the caterpillars. If you are requesting information on hosts for the adult moths, the individual pictured on Texas Entomology is feeding on butterfly bush, Buddleia.

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