unidentified caterpillar
Hello What’s That Bug:
Some months ago, I was photographing bugs and stumbled upon two odd looking caterpillars. At first they appeared to be a chrysalis, but they were moving and when I looked closer they were caterpillars. I was wondering if you could identify the caterpillar for me. Here is a link to the picture I took:Thanks in advance for any information,
Michael Thompson

Hi Michael,
Where in the world was the photo taken?

In south Texas near San Antonio…it was just crawling around in my backyard. There were two of them eating on the same plant. I don’t know what the plant was, but it’s some kind of weed, with large, serrated-looking leaves. The caterpillars were about an inch and a half long at most, gray in color, and had humps on their backs which appeared to be tipped with stingers of some sort. The photograph was taken just Northeast of San Antonio Texas in late summer.

Hi again Michael,
This is a Prominent Moth Caterpillar in the genus Schizura, probably Schizura ipomoeae, the Morning Glory Prominent.

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