African Assassins
Hiya from Mossel Bay, South Africa. I thought you might be interested in these assassin bug nymphs (Ectrichodia crux) feeding on a millipede. It looks so organised! Kind regards

Hi Sally,
Over the years, we have received a few truly memorable Food Chain images, and this is one of the best. Thanks so much for sending us your image of a “pack” of immature Assassin Bugs feeding on a Millipede. More research led us to a photo of an adult Ectrichodia crux, and the common name Millipede Assassin Bug. We promptly located another photo of an adult. We will contact Rowland Shelley, who identified all of our Millipedes, to see if he knows the Millipede species. Here is his response: “The milliped could be one of several things, but I’d say it’s a representative of the family Spirostreptidae, order Spirostreptida. Best I can do. Rowland”

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  1. drswanny says:

    No idea on these ectrichodiine nymphs but Ectrichodia crux is probably as good a guess as any.

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