Unknown Swallowtail Butterfly from “Only Eddie Knows Where” is a Common Mormon
(02/09/2008) Please help to identify this butterfly
Hi there,
I managed to keep 3 caterpillars that were destroying my curry leaf plant & one of them transformed into this beautiful butterfly. Attached is the shot of the butterfly that I took before I set it off free. Please can you help identify this species of butterfly? Thanks a lot for your help. Cheers,

Hi Eddie,
The best we can do without a location of origin is a Swallowtail Butterfly in the family Papilio.

Oh I’m so sorry Daniel…..I’m from Singapore. Appreciate your help. Cheers,

That was a big help Eddie. Your butterfly is a Common Mormon, Papilio polytes romulus. We are thrilled that our search led us to a Butterflies of Singapore website.

Hi Daniel,
You & Lisa are the greatest 🙂 Thanks for everything & also leading me to the Butterflies of Singapore website. Never knew it existed. If you need photos of the Common Mormon in the caterpillar & chrysalis stages, I will be glad to forward them to you for your “What’s that bug?” website. Thanks once again & keep up the good work.

Wow Eddie,
We couldn’t have hoped for better photos. Thanks for creating this awesome metamorphosis documentation of the Common Mormon from Singapore for our site. Your photos demonstrate two significant characteristics of the genus Papilio. First, the caterpillar photo shows the Osmeterium or scent gland. Caterpillars in the genus Papilio possess a hidden scent gland that is often brightly colored and forked in shape. It is hidden and only appears when the caterpillar is threatened. Your chrysalis photo shows the silken girdle that keeps the pupa upright, another characteristic of the genus Papilio.

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  1. gackter says:

    Hi I have 3 of those right now. Somebody gave them to my little nephew. He’s just a toddler so naturally now I have to take care of them for him. They seem to be in different stages right now. One of them has wrapped itself into a green pouch, one of them is just suspended in the same hunched position for 2 days now. The third one is still moving around sluggishly.

    I’m worried when you say that the silken girdle keeps the pupa upright. The one in the green pouch is on the floor of the container and looks a lot smoother and greener than the one in the photo. Been two days as well. Do you think it will be able to make it? How long does the metamorphosis go on? They are magnificent little creatures… I really hope they can make it

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