pesky little bug
Hello bug people.
I have never used your site before, so I am excited to see how it works. This little bug, (that is a penny), is flying around my house. I am suspicious that it is the male of a scale insect that I am wrestling with on my plants. Does that seem possible or likely to you? Thanks.
Betsy Higgins
Florence, MA

Hi Betsy,
Our site works, if that is how you would like to refer to it, with the reception of emails. Then, depending upon our time, we try to post a few letters. We choose letters based on their content and imagery. Engaging writing always catches our attention. Interesting imagery also catches our attention. Unusual new species catch our attention and timely sightings most always get posted. We can assure you this is NOT a male Scale Insect. We believe it looks like a Dark Winged Fungus Gnat in the family Sciaridae. BugGuide has many examples and identifies only one to the genus level. Though they are annoying, they are harmless. The larvae feed on fungus and decaying organic matter. There is one image on BugGuide that illustrates both the abdominal shape and markings of the specimen in your image. We last posted a letter to our Gnat page in 2005, and that was a decisive factor in selecting your letter. More than that, we were amused that the penney in your photo is 50 years old.

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