Yellow / black stripes , cricket legs, no wings, 2 segments
I live in Florida panhandle. It doesn’t appear to have wings. Oddly this is the second bug I found in the same exact location (both flushed). It is on a window blind making it maybe 1/2 inch long. Mainly want to make sure my kids are safe. Thank you.

Hi Chris,
This Red Headed Ash Borer, Neoclytus acuminatus, will not harm your children.

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  1. carol hyde says:

    hi , i have a camel like cricket but it has extra limbs and is blind. the extra legs go over the front like feelers and climbs walls. it is fuzzy and pink. no i havent been drinking…. i wish i have a piture but it has gone back into the wall. freaked out cause never seen it before. from the head back it look normal four legs on each side, with the black strips on thorax . the head was pink as well and antenni . 2-4 inches long . just wondering if you would have a clue what it is???
    i live in colorado.

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