strange spider from Chile
I found this strange animal in the temperate rainforest of southern Chile near the city of Valdivia. Thank you very much for helping to identify this interesting creature.
Gerhard Huedepohl

Hi Gerhard,
This is not a spider, but a relative known as a Harvestman in the order Opiliones. Two years ago this month, we received a another quite similar image, also from Chile, and Eric Eaton provided this information: ” The Chilean “spider” is actually a tropical harvestman (order Opilones), possibly in the suborder Laniatores, and, even more remotely plausible, in the family Gonyleptidae. I got all this from my old Golden Guide to “Spiders and Their Kin” by Levi and Zim:-) Eric” Many Opiliones are known as Daddy Long Legs and they do not posess venom, hence they are harmless.

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  1. Hi, I am doing a science project on Charles Darwin(‘s) voyage to the Chilean island of Valdivia and I have to pick a creature that is on the island that I was given. The Insect I chose is the Harvestman (also known as the Chilean spider) here is a picture

    • bugman says:

      We are happy to learn that this image from our archives is helpful for your science project.

  2. Hi,its Wyatt again,my science teacher wants us to give a detailed description of the creature,its diet,its habitat,behavior,and some interesting facts. Do you think you could help?

    • bugman says:

      We will not do your homework. You can look at our postings and follow any links we have already provided on our website because we have already done considerable research with posted identification requests. You can begin by looking at all postings in our Opiliones (that is the order to which they belong) and Harvestmen category to learn some general information about Harvestmen.

  3. Dörthe says:

    I have also seen this spider and learned that this one is the man. The woman ist more round and with green stripes at its back. I also could provide a photo of the pair.

  4. Pedro Henrique Martins says:

    This one is a Sadocus funestis. I found some of them on Oncol national Park also near Valdivia city.

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