Great Peacock Moth Caterpillar from France

Great peacock moth caterpillar Hello! I met this chubby fluorescent chap with really bright blue specks on a hillside path near Grenoble, in the French Alps, last August. I am from England and therefore am not used to large, alien-looking insects, so was very excited. I identified it as a great peacock moth caterpillar, the … Read more

Noctuid Moth from Australia

Pataeta carbo Hi guys, Thought you might like this pic to add to your database. The moth is about 3/4" long and the caterpillar feeds on eucalyptus. It has the appearance of Black Velvet up close. Here is a link to the full info. Taken on the window ledge outside my work on the Gold … Read more

Pearly Wood Nymph

help ID’ing moth Good morning …this moth was out in a field and hoping you can help ID it. Thanks much! Lorri Hi Lorri, Your moth is a Pearly Wood Nymph, Eudryas unio. According to BugGuide, the Pearly Wood Nymph can be distinguised from the Beautiful Wood Nymph, Eudryas grata, which is “larger than Pearly … Read more

Melonworm Moth

whats this moth? i found this moth on my ceiling in my room. i live in naples, florida, and have never seen any moth like this before. i have never seen a moth with such a weird fluffy butt?? It also has a pointy front end. It kind of leads me to think this moth … Read more