insect Southern Spain
I just learned your internet address from TV. And I’m sending you a photo of an insect of which the photo was taken in Southern Spain, to be correct in Marbella. I would very much like to know which insect it is and the name in English but also in Latin, if possible, so I can find out the German name. With kind regards,
Annerose Reuter,

Hi Annerose,
We are quite curious where and when our site was on television, and in what context. This is some species of fly, probably in the family Syrphidae, known as Hover Flies or Flower Flies. Eric Eaton provided the following correction: “Hi, Daniel: The Spanish fly is a Frit Fly in the family Chloropidae. Can’t offer more information than that. Eric”

Dear Daniel,
thank you very much for the quick answer. I believe I will never really know which kind of fly this is because there seem to be hundreds. I saw TV this morning, in fact it was ZDF, the first program, and it is called “ZDF Morgenmagazin”. I’m sending you a link to the ZDF-site: http://www.morgenmagazin.zdf .de/ In the middle of the site you find: Die Momasurfer Nr. 28 and when you click on this, you come to this site:,1872 ,7153380,00.html and there you will find the hint on your site. With kind regards and thanking you again, yours,

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