spider-like bug in Costa Rica
I just came back from my vacation in Costa Rica. One day we found a wierd looking insect on the shower wall. The local guide was not able to identify it. I attached the picture. The length of it was about 1", the colour is slightly darker than on the photo due to the flash effect. I would really apperciate if you identify it. Regards,

Hi Alex,
This is a Solpugid, a harmless, non-venomous relative of both spiders and scorpions. They are commonly called Sun Spiders or Wind Scorpions. In parts of the U.S., they are called Sand Puppies. Solpugids are generally found in arid climates. In the Middle East, they can grow to five inces or more in leg span, and they are called Camel Spiders. There are many false internet stories circulating about Camel Spiders in the Middle East, including debunked letters sent to our own site.

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