cobweb spider with egg sack
We have these in our basement shower all the time but this is the first time I’ve seen one with an egg sack. I didn’t see a picture of a cobweb spider with an egg sack as good as this one on your web site and thought you might like it. Hope you enjoy it.

Hi Becky,
We will happily post your image of a Cobweb Spider, Pholcus phalangioides, and her Egg Sac. We use the common name Cobweb Spider after Hogue in his wonderful book “Insects of the Los Angeles Basin, but BugGuide calls this the Long Bodied Cellar Spider.

2 Responses to Long Bodied Cellar Spider and Egg Sac

  1. Raevyn Hannan says:

    I am currently living in Germany for the next year and I have been finding these spiders all over my house. They usually stay up near the ceiling or in corners of the room, but they sometimes will drop down from the ceiling on a strand of their silk. Due to the number of these spiders I’m finding in my home, I feel I have to ask if they are at all poisonous? Personally I’ve always been fascinated by spiders and it’s never bothered me before to have them around but due to the fact that i have small children in my home and these spiders being so numerous,I’m concerned about the possibility of one of them being bitten.

  2. Brittany says:

    While all spiders are venomous, not all venoms are harmful to us, and the cellar spider’s venom is one of them. The spiders also rarely bite and prefer to flee. Also, it’s a myth that these spiders have the deadliest venom in the world to humans but fangs are too small to pierce our skin. Their fangs can in fact pierce skin, but their venom isn’t dangerous to us and they rarely bite.

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