what is this bug?
Hey bugman,
My wife freaked and called me to the bedroom and told me to kill this bug. Insyead I picked it up and put it in a jar, it looks like a tick of some sort, but the size of it makes me worried, I have a young daughter and a bite from a tick that big would hurt..I took the picture beside a penny so you could see the size, it also has some powder like substance on its body and legs. Could you please let me know what we have walking around in our apartment? Thanks

Hi Barry,
You have encountered an immature Masked Hunter, a species of Assassin Bug. The Masked Hunter is covered with sticky hairs that attract dust and debris, masking it. This is a beneficial species that preys upon Bed Bugs, but like many Assassin Bugs, it will bite if mishandled.

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  1. Janelle says:

    So I found one of these masked hunter bugs in my bed after I just washed the sheets and put them on my bed does that mean I have bed bugs?

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