its laying eggs
It laying eggs on my parents fence. I was told it is called a leafcutter, but I cannot find it anywhere online.

Since you did not tell us where in the world your parent’s fence is located, we are reluctant to go any further than to say this is a Katydid in the family Tettigoniidae. It is a great photo, and we will see if Eric Eaton and identify the species.

Hi, Daniel:
The katydid laying eggs is an angular-winged katydid in the genus Microcentrum (if it was photographed in North America), or a closely-related genus. Nice image of oviposition behavior!

I took those pictures in El Cajon, California. Sorry about forgetting that info. Thank you for writing back to me.

Update: (07/03/2008) Katydid IDs from Piotr Naskrecki
I have been looking at the page with unidentified katydids (Katydids 2), and thought I could help with some ID’s. From top to bottom they are: Angle winged katydid – Microcentrum rhombifolium

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