Hi Bugman,
I found this cute fellow on our boat in the Northern Rivers of the East coast of Australia. The width of the oar it is sitting on is 5cm. Does it have a name? Cheers

Hi Vineeto,
While we cannot tell you an exact species, we can tell you this is a True Bug in the order Hemiptera. We tried to locate it on Geocities, but were luckless. The closest we can find is an immature Bronze Orange Bug in the family Tessaratomidae. Bugs in this family resemble Stink Bugs, but they are much larger and have proportionally smaller heads. Perhaps one of our readers will be able to provide an exact identification.

Before we even had an opportunity to post this submission, while trying to identify another Australian Hemipteran, we found Lyramorpha rosea on Csiro. It is called the Lychee Stink Bug

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