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Identify Lasia Purpurata?
Could you help me identify this bug. It was eating the nectar from a Desert Cassia. I have attached two photos. I looked through your site and I thought it might be Lasia Purpurata. The photos were taken here in in West Palm Beach, FL. Your site is great and very informative. Thanks for your help.

Hi Stephanie,
This beauty is a Green Orchid Bee, Euglossa viridissima. This is a tropical genus but the Green Orchid Bee is established in Florida and has also been reported in Texas according to BugGuide. It is the second photo we have received of this species from Florida since the New Year.

Update: (03/14/2008) Green Orchid Bee
Dear what that bug I was down if Fl (Broward Co.) working on a fruit fly trapping program and collected several of the orchid bees in the traps that you posted in January. This exotic neotropical bee was first collected in the state in fruit fly traps. Attached is just so info that you may find interesting. Pete reported around the basil plants which makes sense due to the male was collecting chemical compounds that he uses to attract females.
Brian Sullivan
PS-You are doing a great job as always

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Florida

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