Leaf Beetle from Panama
Since I’ve sent you two unknown spiders and a caterpillar from Panama, I thought I’d send you one that I believe I have identified. I believe this is Platyphora boucardi, in the family Chrysomelidae, and has been featured on a Panamanian stamp.
Allen Chartier

Hi Allen,
Though the color and markings are similar, the legs and clubbed antennae of your beetle are different from the Platyphora boucardi images we located online. We aren’t even convinced your beetle is in the same family. It might be a Pleasing Fungus Beetle in the family Erotylidae. Perhaps one of our readers can supply additional information.

You are absolutely correct: the beetle is one of the pleasing fungus beetles in the family Erotylidae. Great job, I always get those two families of fungus beetles confused:-)

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