Emperor Gum Moth Caterpillar

Australian Caterpillar – Green with blue and orange hairs/spikes Hi all, I found this caterpillar in my eucalyptus tree in Victoria, Australia. He has been living there for at least the past 3 weeks and has been eating and growing constantly. I had a good look on your site but could not seem to identify … Read more

Leaf Footed Bug from South Africa

south african bug Hi there I spotted this insect in a restaurant courtyard in Stellenbosch, South Africa two days ago. If you have time, please could you help me identify it? I thought it might be some kind of stink bug, but I’m really not sure… Thanks Riana Wiechers Cape Town , South Africa Hi … Read more

Yellow Admiral

New Zealand moth? Hi Took this shot of what I believe to be a New Zealand moth flying around in daylight. Can you help with identification? Thanks Cameron Hill Hi Cameron, This is actually a butterfly known as the Yellow Admiral, Vanessa itea. We located a website with photos and information that states: “A real … Read more

Wandering Violin Mantis from India

need help in identification, Hai, I am Dr.Shyam kumar from Dharwad in Karnataka, Today i saw this Gorgeous Mantis crossing the road in the Karnatak University campus, in Dharwad. and couldnt resist capturing it into my camera, and my curiosity to identify it has driven me to you, well after searching your site, this praying … Read more