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Hello from New Zealand,
You may not be able to help, but if you can that would be wonderful. My husband and I discovered this spider in our garden today and captured it to take a photo. I just couldn’t get a very good photo. The white spots are actually points – like tiny volcanos, and are black on the back, outlined in red. Eyes, perhaps? The back half of the body is bright yellow. It has 8 legs, but appears to have 2 extra tiny legs when it walks that are on a very tiny body at the base as in Spider 2. The legs seem to mainly go to the front of the body as in Spider 1. Have you any clue about what it is? Thanks a lot for your thoughts.
Nancy and Hugh Mills

Hi Nancy and Hugh,
Back in December of 2005, we got our first image of this species, and with the assistance of a reader in January of 2007 when we received another image, it was properly identified as a Two Spined Spider, Poecilopachys australasiae. We also have a link with additional information that indicates the species is native to Australia but was introduced to New Zealand in the 1970s. This spider is often found on citrus trees.

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Broken links on your site
December 28, 2010 4:53 pm
You have a couple of links to Te Papa’s website on your website, thanks heaps for that! I have recently noticed in our logs that some of these are broken, so I thought I’d report them to you to enable you to fix them.
These broken links came from a data migration when we upgraded our website. We are really sorry about it.
These are the 3 pages with broken links:
The new address of the two-spine spider on our website is the following:
Thanks a lot for linking to us again!
Kind regards,
Florence Liger, webmaster at Te Papa
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