Bug on Pine Tree
I have at least four of these on my pine tree about four feet up the trunk. They are at least an inch long. The tree also is infested with what I believe to be Southern Pine Beetles. I live in Florida. Is this bug related to the beetle infestation in any way? Is it beneficial, pest, or neutral? Thank you,

Hi Susan,
There are many beetles that feed on pine trees, and this is one. It is the Sculptured Pine Borer or Virginia Pine Borer, Chalcophora virginiensis. The adults feed on pine needles, but it is the larvae that are most damaging to the trees. According to BugGuide: “Female lays eggs on scars in bark of living pines. Also sometimes feeds on downed logs. Larvae feed under bark over several years before maturing, may reduce much of tree to sawdust. Life cycle is two or more years.”

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