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These ‘insect items’ were found on the edge of a small, spring-fed, swampy area adjacent to a sandhill. (I know that sounds crazy, but this area of Florida is a bit unpredictable. They were about 2ft above ground level on a pine trunk. There were only 2. I Did not look for it on your site, as I have no idea where to begin. Butterfly or beetle? Who knows? The ‘baskets’ containing the pupae(?) are about 2cm long, so basket and attachment are about 4-5 cm in length. Sorry about the poor photo quality. Thank you,
Heather Martin
Senior Environmental Specialist
Alachua County Environmental Protection Department
Gainesville, Fl.

Hi Heather,
We don’t believe these are Moth Pupae, and we are putting out some additional inquiries in an effort to get you an exact identification. Perhaps some Neuropteran or a Caddisfly or other aquatic insect.

Additional Inquiry
(12/29/2007) Basket Cocoons? Weird Pupae?
One of our environmentalists found these weird cocoons or pupae attached to what she thinks was a “Pond Pine” or Spruce. Do you know what they are? Thank you,

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  1. Donald W. Hall says:

    The cocoons are indeed those of the Bumelia webworm moth (Urodus parvula). They have most often been reported from red bay trees. When the caterpillars are full-grown, they wander off of the host plants to spin their cocoons. I am trying to collect cocoons and hope to photograph the entire life cycle for a web page I am doing for the U.F. Entomology & Nematology Department’s “Featured Creatures” web site. I would appreciate learning of Gainesville locations of the cocoons.

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