What is this?
I found this insect in my garden, located in Brazil southeast (São Paulo, São Paulo), i have no ideia of what is it, I tried to understand this the hole day. It has 1,5cm-2,0cm, still alive, but don’t move frequently. the shape is what I think is more interesting. Can you answer what is it??? Thanks
Luiz Fernando R. de Sá

Hi Luiz,
This caterpillar bears a striking similarity to the Monkey Slug Caterpillar found in the Southern U.S. Though it might be a different genus, we believe it is still in the Slug Moth Family Limacodidae. Slug Moth Caterpillars often have stinging spines, so handle with caution.

Thanks for the anwser! I could discover what bug was! Here this bug is called “Lagarta-Aranha” something like “Spider Catterpillar” in English, real thanks! Have a nice day

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  1. dominikhofer says:

    Phobetron sp., Monkey Slug Caterpillar. The most common one in Brazil would be Phobetron hipparchia, which is very variable.

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