need help in identification,
I am Dr.Shyam kumar from Dharwad in Karnataka, Today i saw this Gorgeous Mantis crossing the road in the Karnatak University campus, in Dharwad. and couldnt resist capturing it into my camera, and my curiosity to identify it has driven me to you, well after searching your site, this praying mantis is very similar to the Gongylus gonglylodes described in your website and which was reported from chennai in inda, and after reading the description i was thinking wether if this is a female of Gongylus gonglylodes, please help me out to clear my doubt, and write back to me. please find enclosed the pictures for your reference you guys are doing great work
Dr.V. Shyam kumar

Dear Dr. V.,
We agree that this is Gongylus gongylodes, though your spelling is incorrect. Commonly called the Wandering Violin Mantis, or sometimes Wondering Violin Mantis, it is found in Southern India and Sri Lanka. It is also called the Indian Rose Mantis. Your photos are positively stunning.

Comment: (12/19/2007) Wandering Violin Mantis from India
Hi Dan and Lisa,
I just wanted to say HOLY FREAKING WOW, MAN! Nice shot! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both!
Darien, IL

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  1. nfar says:

    Holy Beautiful Creature batman. And im deathly afraid of bugs

  2. ninkasi27 says:

    That is absolutely amazing!

  3. Sid says:

    Dear Daniel,

    Thanks for the prompt and accurate reply. the place where i work is filled with wonderful bugs and most of my free time is spent trying to capture them. Hope you dont mind me posting the photos over here! thanks again

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