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white "mittened" fly (?)
Hi Lisa Anne and Daniel,
This entire summer, I’ve been slightly obsessed w/ your web site. Every day I look with awe and envy at the amazing insects people send photos of. In my tiny Brooklyn, NY garden – my little urban oasis – I wondered what potential existed. So, I began to LOOK. Oh yes… even here in NYC there live a pretty interesting array of bugs! Once I really started paying attention, I discovered preying mantids, & katydids, cool caterpillars & spiders, stink bugs, bees of many types, tons of cicadas this year… even cicada killers. I’ve identified my "finds" on your incredible site, but this one has me stumped. I’ve narrowed it down to a fly of some kind (I think). I’ve searched the web but haven’t found one with those little white "mittens" on its front legs….can you help? I thank you and all the folks who contribute bug pics for MANY hours of enjoyment and education and most importantly…inspiration to see what lurks beyond the obvious.

Hi again Patrice,
We received three back to back emails from you and all have different dates. This one was dated September 4, 2006. Have they been lost in cyperspace for over a year? We believe this is a Long Legged Fly in the family Dolichopodidae. Though BugGuide doesn’t have any that have the exact markings of your specimen, several are similar.

Correction: (12/03/2007)
Hi, Daniel: The “long-legged fly, perhaps…” is actually a stilt-legged fly in the family Micropezidae. They are good mimics of wasps or ants (depending on the species), even waving their front legs to look like long antennae!

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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