Mermaid’s Purse

Ocean City MD I found several of these washed up on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland at the end of December, 2007. Can you tell me what it is? Mo Riddle Hi Mo, Though it isn’t a bug, we couldn’t resist posting your image of a Mermaid’s Purse, a very lyrical name for a … Read more

Great Purple Hairstreak

Just curious about this little critter, any help welcomed. I’m having a hard time identifying him. Thanks for your help. Thanks, Denise Cox Hi Denise, Happy New Year. This little beauty is a Great Purple Hairstreak, Atlides halesus. Its coloration is actually a vibrant iridescent blue when the wings are open. We wish you had … Read more

Garden Spider

What is this? Hi. My wife came to within 1 inch of getting this spider in the face when heading to our bin last night. I had to snap a pic to try to identify this spidy. We are in Australia on the Central Coast of NSW near Wyong, Gosford is about 30 minutes drive … Read more

Newly Hatched Trapdoor Spiderlings

trapdoor spiderlings i thought you might like to see the image of what i believe are trapdoor spiderlings recently emerged. found at skidaway island state park, ga anthony Hi Anthony, Thanks so much for sending us your photo of alleged Trapdoor Spiderlings. We will agree with your identification until an expert writes in to correct … Read more

Poecila Sphinx Caterpillar

caterpillat ID help! Ask that Bug! I think I have incorrectly identified the attached photo as a Tobacco hornworm. None of my books are much help. It is the color that has me puzzled. The Sphinx Moth caterpillar is a reddish brown, but I do not see the “horn” on it, so if you can … Read more

Golden Silk Spider from China

chinese spider hi, i found this spider at the top of the great wall in a out of the way section. hope you can tell me about it. it was 6-7 inches from top to bottom. thank you. This is Nephila clavata, one of the Golden Silk Spiders, so named because of the color and … Read more