Iguazu butterfly
Hi — This butterfly seemed to like my salt – he followed me for ages on a boat on the Iguazu River. They seem to be very common in the Iguazu National Park, Argentina. Can you identify it for me? Thanks

Hi Yvonne,
This is a Tropical Brushfoot Butterfly in the subfamily Biblidinae of the family Nymphalidae. It might be in the genus Diaethria, small colorful butterflies with strong markings on the underside of the hind wing. Some species in this genus are called Eighty-Eights like Cramer’s Eighty-eight, Diaethria clymena, because the markings resemble the numbers. Cramer’s Eighty-Eight has been reported from Texas.

Correction: (11/29/2007)
Iguazu Eighty-Eight
Hello Daniel This morning’s postings included a tropical brushfoot from Iguazu National Park, Argentina (Yvonne). I think you correctly identified this as a variety of Eighty-Eight in the subfamily Biblidinae, but I believe the genus is Callicore, specifically C. hydaspes (Hydaspes Eighty-Eight). There are a number of web sites with good photos, including: http://nymphalidae.utu.fi/pictures/Callicore_hydaspe_NW126-27v.jpg http://www.treknature.com/gallery/South_America/Brazil/photo84887.htm Regards,

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