Argiope and suiter, strange behavior, and Proud momma mantid
Thought you might like some pics from Guam. 12 is one of my many Orb-weavers (not sure of the species) and the first time I’ve seen one with a room-mate so far. 15 is the same female hanging upside down from the web in the rain. I’ve seen her do this a couple of times when it’s raining. I’m guessing it’s to prevent drowning? I thought it was dead the first time I saw it, but she was back in her web after the rain stopped. Again tonight, she was hang-drying herself. I particularly like this picture, the raindrops clinging to her body are pretty sexy don’t you think? 14 is a manti(s/d, which is plural?) taking a breather after laying eggs. We never have to worry about the temp dropping so far as to cause the eggs to go dormant. What is the incubation period if the temp stays at hatching temperature?

Hi Charles,
Time will only allow us to post one of your images, and we are very fond of the mating Argiope appensa, commonly called the Banana Spider on Guam. The female spider has much greater mass than her dimutive mate. Spiders in the genus Argiope nearly always hang up-side-down in the web, regardless of rain.

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