Mantis Egg Sac?
I found your website by accident last year. I have used it many times to identify bugs in my perennial beds. It has become a great source of knowledge for me. I wanted to send you a picture that we took of what I believe is a preying mantis egg case. During the past few years, I have found more and more preying mantises on my plants. When I was cleaning up my landscaping and front porch this fall, I found this item on the front brick of my house. I remember see something similar on your website. However, I just wanted to get some type of confirmation from your team of experts. Thanks,
Patti Dussold
Florissant, MO

Hi Patti,
You are correct. This is a Mantis Ootheca. The hardened foam acts as an insulation against the inclement weather of winter and young mantids will hatch in the spring.

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