Do you know what these are?
Upon cleaning (and I do it often so these cropped up within a few days) – I found a whole corner of my bedroom filled with these. Each is about the 1/2 the size of a pinhead – and the color varies between a sand color and a black. They don’t feel soft at all… and almost liken to a seed. I noticed they seem to be along the baseboard and where a whole appears, which could be where some kind of insect might be coming from. Im utterly perplexed and even more grossed out. Help! Thanks so much!

Hi Kelly,
These are Termite pellets, fecal matter containing digested wood, which is very strong evidence you have a thriving Termite infestation in your walls.

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  1. Marylyn Scott says:

    The pile of seed-like pellets showed up first in the seat of a chair that I bought second hand. I thought it was something that got spilled but couldn’t identify what and vacuumed it up. The next day there were more but spread over the cushion on the chair. I moved the chair and today a pile showed up on a nearby table. Are they from the chair or elsewhere. How do we get rid of them? Thank you.

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