Thanks for your answer!!
Thank you, Daniel for answering my husbands query about the Golden-Winged Elder Borer. … Have really enjoyed browsing your site and have another query for you if you have time. Like a good girl, I went through all your butterfly pictures first. I didn’t see any exactly like this, although the Coral Streak and Lycean Blues looked similar. Could this just be a variation? It has a lot more black spots and the wings were so hairy, I thought maybe it was even a moth. BTW, we found it in Wyoming in June. Kind Regards,

Hi Joelle,
This is one of the Blues, Gossamer Winged Butterflies in the family Lycaenidae. We believe it is one of the Spotted Blues in the genus Euphilotes. In his book, Butterflies Through Binoculars: The West, Jeffrey Glassberg states: “Euphilotes Blues usually are markedly black-spotted, especially on the FW [forewing] with checked fringes.” Our money is on the Square Spotted Blue, Euphilotes battoides, though another excellent candidate is the Dotted Blue, Euphilotes enoptes. It is difficult group to identify exactly. Your photos are lovely.

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