Hollyhock Weevils
Hi there! Just a follow-up to my recent e-mail …I’ve been completely mesmerized by your site. I ’ve re-discovered my “inner child ”and bugs with a macro lens I picked up this spring. You have some wonderful pic tures and information on your site! Inspired by your “Love Bug ”section, h ere ’s one of my first macro shots from earlier this year of a pair of very tiny Hollyhock Weevils doing what it seems like they ’re alw ays doing

Hi J,
Thanks for sending us your great image of mating Hollyhock Weevils, Apion longirostre. We did some internet research and found a page devoted to them when they were the Bug of the Month back in August 1998. Your letter has us a bit confused. Your email address matches the person who signed another letter with a Brown Lynx Spider, but from a different email address, and your mysterious initial only signature seems to match the name on the other email.

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