Hey Bugman!
Hi there … Iwas cleaning out the e-mail cache and it occurs to me that I ’m still not sure what this spider may be? I’ve also attached a “Predator and Prey ”shot from this summer that you might enjoy . Thanks for the website …great pics …great resource!
Bud Hensley
Middletown, Ohio
Sent (06/07/2007)
Great website and looking for a little help identifying this bizarre spider that has been taking its much welcomed toll on our local beetle population. Seeing that you were in Ohio recently, this might be right up your alley! Our garden is located in the southwestern part of the state in Middleto wn. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Hi Bud,
We are very happy you decided to resend your image. Summer months are our busiest and we get upwards of 140 letters per day. Logistically, we can only answer a small fraction, and many letters go unread. This is a new species for our site, the Brown Lynx Spider, Oxyopes scalaris. Lynx Spiders are hunting spiders that do not build webs. Your image of a Preying Mantis with and overachiever complex is very funny.

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