Dear Bugman,
We would love to know what this moth is. We’ve never seen one like it here. I’ve trawled through a number of moth sites to no avail. Can you help us? Regards
Roselyn Anders
Ocean Grove VIC, Australia

Hi Roselyn,
This might be one of the Hawkmoths in the family Sphingidae. It is newly metamorphosed and its wings have not yet fully expanded. We also did not have any luck identifying the species, but we are happy we located a very nice Australian Moth site known as Csiro Entomology. While searching that site, we were lucky enough to identify the puzzling Aenetus tegulatus that arrived two days earlier. We have contacted Bill Oehlke and hope he can assist us with your moth. Bill Oehlke wrote and informed us this is not a Hawkmoth, and then we got the following identification.

Dear Bug man,
The pink moth sent in by Roselyn Anders is Oenochroma vinaria in the Geometridae family, also known as Hakea Moth and Pink-bellied moth. Its caterpillar is a looper, illustration attached. Kind regards,

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