Myan Beetle
Found this guy just south of Cancun, Mexico

Hi Doug,
This is a Hardwood Stump Borer. We expect to hear from David Gracer that the large grubs are edible and were eaten by the Mayans. Those mandibles look like they can do some damage and we are curious why the Mexican tourism board does not picture this magnificent Beetle in their brochures. Eric Eaton wrote in with this information: “Daniel: The “hardwood stump borer” from Mexico is actually Callipogon barbatus. It is a male, as females do not have such enlarged jaws. I’ve never seen an image of a live one before! Very cool. Eric”

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  1. pleitezdolan says:

    So glad to find this info. This morning I found what I think was one of these struggling in a parking lot here in El Salvador. We moved it to a tree near by. It was huge! I have never seen such an enormous insect/beetle. Minimum four inches. Wish I’d had my camera. The mandibles were much smaller than the ones in your photos. Also, the legs seemed longer, more spindly.

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