Extreme close up
Dear Bug Man,
I am sending two Butterfly pictures for you. One was a blessing on a really sad day, I was looking out a window into the branches of a blooming Mimosa tree, here in metro Atlanta, and in flew a very trusting beauty and when I held my hand out my new friend walked right on. We played together for a while and I even was able to rub my friends back. (I was very careful not to touch the wings.) It laid flat and rested on my palm for five minutes then I put it out the window, it flew back in and landed on me. I held my hand up and it climbed on and I again put it out the window. I had to blow a puff of air on this wonderful creature, so it would fly back into the tree. Next is this acrobatic Monarch, We have butterfly bushes in our yard and I keep my camera close because these beauties are always visiting. I take hundreds of pictures of them, but these were cool because of the view of their bodies. Thanks for allowing me to share,
Snellville, GA

Hi Robin,
We really enjoyed your image of a trusting Red Spotted Purple, but your other butterfly is a Tiger Swallowtail, not a Monarch.

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