moth found that i cannot identify
to whom it may concern, my name is nathan morello
in the early hours of this morning i found a large green moth, and after spending a few hours online i cannot identify it. it is approximately 3′ or 7.5cm long with a folded wingtip to wingtip span of about 2′ or 5cm. it is green ontop with 6 brownish/black spots on each dominant wing. the underside of the wings are pinkish with green edgings. i found it in the blue mountain range in nsw Australia. as stated i cannot find anything close to it online, no pictures or information. can you be of any assistance in identifying it or is it possible i have discovered a new species, and if by chance it is a new species how do i officially name it. thankyou your time and assistance yours sincerly
Nathan Morello

Hi Nathan,
A quick web search of green hawkmoths from Australia did not provide an answer for us. We will contact Bill Oehlke to see if he recognized your Sphinx or Hawkmoth in the family Sphingidae. Bill Oehlke wrote back: “Daniel, I don’t know what it is but am pretty sure it is not one of the Sphingidae. Bill Oehlke”. Then, while trying to identify another Australian Hawkmoth, we discovered this site devoted to Australian moths on stamps and an image of Aenetus tegulatus. A further google search produced actual photographs of the species and we are satisfied this is your moth.

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  1. Davida MaChing says:

    We have a photograph of this moth taken at “Yonder” Beaumont 2577 on the night of 17/12/2017.

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