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Need bug identification please
Hi, my husband and I discovered the weirdest, oddest bug we have ever seen in our lives tonight. See attached pics. At first we thought it was some sort of spider with a whole bunch of dead ants on it’s back, but then discovered that it has jaw-type pinchers. It’s like a moving junk bug with a mess of "stuff" on it’s back. I actually saw it take a part from a dead ant that fell off of it’s back and put it in it’s pinchers and reattached it to it’s back. It’s like it was camouflaging itself (?). The bottom of it looks grey and from what we can tell, there’s no tail – just "junk" and ant parts on it’s back. It seems to be able to crawl & attach to anything and crawl around. It’s pretty small, about the size of an eraser on the top of a pencil. Thanks in advance – we’re real curious to know what this is!
Dallas, Tx

Hi Angela,
This is a Debris Carrying Lacewing Larva. Not all Lacewing Larvae exhibit this characteristic. Some Green Lacewings in the Family Chrysopidae exhibit this behavior, and BugGuide has numerous images.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. Paula B says:

    My husband and I found a Lace Wing Larva in our house the other night. My husband found it. Thought at first he had found a lightning bug, because he was flashing. We scooped him up and examined him further. The flash was caused by a sequin he had attached to himself that flashed in the light as he walked along. He was mostly covered with ants. I put him in a container so I could show my kids and grandchildren the next day. My son-in-law looked at him through his cell phone. Apparently the little junk bug was conscious that we were doing something that he perceived as a threat. He took one of his ants off and shook it at us several times. Place it again on his back then get it again and shake it again, as if to say “Nah Nah Nay, Aren’t you scared of me… I have ants that should scare you.”
    That bit of spunk made me fall in love with him, if you can believe that…I made sure to quickly release him hoping no harm was done to him. He was both worried and scared but still stood up for himself as best he could.

  2. Paula B says:

    Oh, I forgot, he had placed a sequin from one of my blouses on top of approximately where his head would be. That was what was flashing. It looked like a hat. It was just amazing to see this little fellow. I will never forget the little “Junk Bug”. (this is not a reply, but a continuation of the story I was telling above. Paula B

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