bald faced hornet
Hi again!
So I finally looked in the right place and found images that make me think this must have been a bald faced hornet. I’m not quite as thorough as I’d thought. Or as observant as I’d thought. Looking a little more closely, I see shamefully little resemblance between my images and the cicada killers. I’m keeping my day job! I’m the one who’d sent larger versions of these old images of the hornet and it’s prey on a window pane, by the way: I still didn’t see any reference to ones that were quite so large or that they’d catch something as big as a dragonfly, but there is mention of them catching insects to feed their larvae. Those dragonfly meals must be what makes those hornets of the Canadian Rockies grow so big. I have to say again, like everyone who’s posted on your website, I love your website! I also really appreciate your respect for life and the balance of nature. And congratulations on the successes of your students! Eventually,

Hi Brian,
Thanks for resending your images to us. Your identification of the Bald Faced Hornet seems accurate. Readers who desire more information should check out BugGuide.

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