Costa Rican Butterfly
Hi Bug Person,
On a recent trip to Costa Rica – I took this shot & went thru The Butterfly Handbook by Miller & Miller & I cant find its name Attached is its photo. Thanks in advance Regards,

Hi Preston,
We spent way too much time trying to unsuccessfully identify what we presume to be a Brush-Footed Butterfly in the family Nymphalidae. Perhaps one of our readers will write in with an answer.

Update: (11/04/2007) Costa Rican butterfly
Hello bug-nuts!
I think Preston’s Costa Rican butterfly is consul electra. See Philip J. DeVries’ “The Butterflies of Costa Rica”, Vol. 1. You’re right on the genus; nymphalidea. Any chance to re-visit Costa Rica, even through you site, is very welcome. Heaven for bug-nuts!
Don Dinndorf
St. Augusta, MN
P.S. There were still a few moths flitting about the woods as we hunted deer yesterday. Weird for this far north.

Hi Don,
We located some images of Consul electra, the Pale or Pearly Leafwing, online and they seem to match the photo sent to us. Thanks for your assistance.

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