Squash Vine Borer

wasp? i searched on your site for this and couldn’t find anything close. This insect was maybe an inch long and seemed to be a wasp to me. I never messed with the color at all, and his legs were real furry like he was wearing chaps. If you could tell me what this is, … Read more

Potato Bug

whats this bug? Hi, me and my dad were hunting in northern nevada and we were walking along the trail and came across this bug. We have never seen anything like it before in our life, so we were just wondering what it was? Do you know? Thanks. Jessica Hi Jessica, We always have a … Read more

Dragonfly Naiad

underwater bug Hello! I’ve tried to identify this bug through your archives and keep coming up empty. This species was found in my pond this morning and didn’t shy away like most of the waterbugs do. I live in West Tennessee. I’ve seen some strange things in my pond but this was a first. Kim … Read more

Cassius Blues Mating

Whats my Moth/Butterfly???? I live in Port Charlotte, FL. I was taking my dog out back when I came across, and apparently disturbed these two moths, or butterflies. Can you tell me which it is…….Thanks Megan Hi Megan, We believe these are mating Cassius Blues, Leptotes cassius, based on an image we located on BugGuide. … Read more