Six Spotted Fishing Spider

Spider in Ohio Well we have been finding spiders in the house lately and came here to find out what they are. Turns out they are wolf spiders…. Oh joy … NOT lol I must say I am NOT a fan of spiders. More the fact I am scared to death of them. Even coming … Read more

Bordered Plant Bugs

I think it’s a beetle But there are so many of them (See Haldane) that I really cant search through all your pix, especially because maybe they aren’t beetles. These are on what I think is an Angelica on the Mendocino Headlands in California, but I’ve seen the same guys on my wooden back fence. … Read more


Another unsolved butterfly identification Mr Bugman, I have recently photographed some Buckeye butterflies here in Charlotte, NC on 10/14/07. Some from the top view and from the side. However, the side shot pictures I took recently look different from a butterfly I photographed a couple of months ago in southern Indiana. I thought it was … Read more

Squash Vine Borer

clearwing moth question/answer Hello fellow bug-lovers! The moth Valerie from Ontario asked about looks an awful lot like the "squash borer moth" that attacks our garden plants (see attached). These buggers lay their eggs in the stems of the fruits of squash, pumpkins, and the like, and their caterpillars consume the interiors of the stems … Read more