Columbia Silkmoth

moth id? hi, i found your web site and am so glad because i would love to know what kind of moth this is. it may be a common moth, or not. i don’t know but i’ve never seen one before and it is so beautiful. maybe you could recommend a moth field guide that … Read more

American Painted Lady

PAINTED LADY IN CONNECTICUT (MAYBE) (10-21-07) Hello, Daniel! Well, I was thrilled to think I photographed my first-ever painted lady. I’m puzzled, however, because t his pretty butterfly, found yesterday, in a Connecticut garden, does not quite match painted lady pictures shown on your site. A variation, perhaps? Many thanks! Susan B. Naumann Hi Susan, … Read more

Sleepy Orange Butterflies

Sleepy Orange butterfly Bugman, I have a question concerning the wing structure on a Sleepy Orange butterfly. I am sending you 3 photos for consideration. I took some photos of a Sleepy Orange several weeks ago and notice that a little piece was missing from the end of it’s hind wing. I didn’t think too … Read more