White Tipped Black

White-Tipped Black Geometrid Thanks for your great website. It helped us identify the White-Tipped Geometrids that were nectaring on Goldenrod in our Houston, Texas garden. I thought you might enjoy a more detailed photo. Bill Miller Hi Bill, We just returned from a national journalism convention with our students and we don’t know how we … Read more

Double-Banded Bycid

Unknown Beetle Hi Bug Guy, Love your site! I look up everything I’m not sure of and find wonderfully interesting bugs in my searches! Thank you for this great website. Here is a beetle I came across recently on my walk in the desert in Cochise County, Oct 01 2007. I was unable to find … Read more

Gulf Fritillary: Newly Emerged Butterfly and Caterpillar about to Pupate

Gulf Fritillary I love Passion Vine, though I rarely get to enjoy the flowers. Instead, I have tons and tons of Gulf Fritillary butterflies, and encourage their growth by moving the caterpillars around my garden so they can all get a decent meal. I was thrilled to find this newly emerged butterfly in between the … Read more