Edible Bugs
O’siyo Oginalii, (Hello, my friend)
I am Aniyunwiya (Tsalagi or Cherokee), descended from those who were not captured and sent to out west, or confined to North Carolina. I found your page after a painter asked what the cocoons on my house were. I said, “Bagworms” and he said that could not be right. He was incorrect. I have spent the last hour looking through your site, and have added it to my “Favorites.” I would like to share a couple of recipes with you. Yellowjacket grubs can be made into soup after removing them from the comb, which is best achieved by placing the comb upon a fire (or a stove) until the covering is parched–this makes it easier to remove the grubs. Next, brown them in the oven. They are good to eat like this, or they may now be used in soup. Early morning or late afternoon is the best time to harvest the comb. Locusts also are edible. It is best to gather them immediately after they have emerged from their shells, otherwise you will have to peel them. Gather them after dark, or they will not be good. Wash them and fry them. They may be eaten hot or cold.
Tla-i-ga (BlueJay)

Wow Tla-i-ga,
We are sure David Gracer will be thrilled with this information.

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