Greater Arid-Land Predaceous Katydid
Hi there! Thanks to your awesome website, I was able to identify this enormous, very vocal, Greater Arid-Land Predaceous Katydid (we live in Wimberley, TX). My husband and I heard his loud chirps before we saw him, and caught him for a photo session. He’s since been relocated to the elephant ear plant outside the office door – I can hear him chirping even as I write this. Feel free to use the pics – this guy is especially handsome!
Milly W.

Hi Millie,
We more commonly get photos of female Greater Aridland Predaceous Katydids. Thanks for sending us your photo of a male of the species.

Update: (07/03/2008) Katydid IDs from Piotr Naskrecki
I have been looking at the page with unidentified katydids (Katydids 2), and thought I could help with some ID’s. From top to bottom they are: Neobarrettia spinosa

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