Scorpion Tank Infestation Help
Hi Bugman,
I was hoping you would be able to help me out with these critters. I am the proud owner of several great species of scorpions, and today, under closer inspection of my Pandinus imperator tank I found these nearly microscopic specs crawling on the glass. My first reactions was "oh great, lice/mites" and I was about to disassemble the entire tank and whatnot for cleaning, but I thought I would have a closer look as a pair of crickets in the tank were happily munching away on these tiny critters. Under a microscope they look very unusual, and I cannot figure out if they are lice, mites, or very newly born crickets. The closest thing I’ve found on your site are booklice, but I can’t figure out why my tank would be infested with them. If you could help identify these I would very much appreciate it. Thanks,
Blanton A.

Hi Blanton,
This is a Springtail. Springtails are minute, primitive insects. Over 2000 species of Springtails have been identified worldwide. Your specimen appears to resemble an image on BugGuide identified as a species in the genus Ceratophysella and Family Hypogastruridae. It was found associated with leaf litter. The Springtails will not harm your Scorpions.

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