unknown critter
This beauty was flying around at night in the country near Raleigh Durham, N.C. My 6 year old is an insect fanatic and spent the morning with it. We refer to her as "the bug whisperer". Checked your site under moths, but found nothing similar. Alexandra would love to know what it is.
Christopher Capps

Hi Christopher and Alexandra,
This is a male Dobsonfly. We haven’t posted an image of a Dobsonfly since late August. The male, despite his formidable mandibles, is quite harmless. The female, whose mandibles are more functional, might nip if provoked, be she too is harmless. The larvae, known as Hellgrammites, are a favorite bait of fishermen. The butterfly on the t-shirt is a very nice touch. We are sure this image will horrify some visitors to our site.

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  1. RJ says:

    Thanks for the useful information. I’ve just moved to the east coast of U.S and have never seen one of these… Oddly enough, I have seen many a Hellgrammite but never knew they were the same thing… to be honest, I was never aware that the Hellgrammites was the early form of anything.

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