Large SoCal Ground-Dwelling Beetle
Howdy Bugman 🙂
Recently we’ve had a visitor hanging out on our patio at night in Bonsall, CA. It’s what I think might be a Darkling or ‘Acrobat’ beetle… it doesn’t fly, is pretty huge and often walks with his ‘butt’ up in the air… amusing actually…. here’s a good pic…. thought maybe you could confirm my suspicion. thanks,

Hi Mark,
Darkling Beetle and Acrobat Beetle are two common names for beetles in the genus Eleodes, also commonly called Stink Beetles.

Hi, Daniel:
The “Eleodes” recently posted from California might be in the genus Coelocnemis instead. I can’t tell positively from this image alone, but the large thorax suggests Coelocnemis. They mimic Eleodes in behavior, but are more common than Eleodes in pine forest habitats. Just want to say, essentially, that genus identification is probably impossible from just one image.

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