Anisomorpha photos – are you willing or able to ID to species?
Good Afternoon!!
Wow – what a great insect ID resource! As a result of the information available on your website, I was able to identify, at least to Genus, photos I had taken of a large walkingstick-like insect back in October of 2000. These were taken in Dugger Mountain Wilderness, Shoal Creek Ranger District, National Forests in Alabama (Calhoun County, in North Alabama). It was a single individual, and about 3 inches in length. By moving slowly, and using sweetgum leaves (underside showing in the photo), I was able to get fairly close to get these photos. I suspect I would have been even more circumspect had I realized it could produce a noxious discharge! What I am not positive about is the species. The location (Southern Appalachian ecoregion) would indicate it to be A. ferruginous, but going by photos and size, there is a slight possibility it could be A. buprestoides. Locals refer to it as the Devil’s Riding Horse or Witch’s Horse. So before I label this completely, I wanted to see if you-all would be kind enough to take a shot a the ID. Obviously, since these photos were taken October 17, 2000, I am not in a hurry for any reply. However, due to your postings, I finally have a genus with which to label these photos (other than Big Ugly Bug 1, 2, & 3). Thanks for the great work on your site, and thank you in advance for your time and skills!!
Rhonda Stewart
USForest Service

Hi Rhonda,
While we do not have the necessary skill to positively identify your Walkingstick to the species level, we are very intrigued with the two new names you have provided for this fascinating insect. We especially like Witch’s Horse and both names referring to the mating activity.

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