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I found this guy walking across the softball field where I was umpireing in minneapolis tell me is it dangerous or should I let him go? Thanks

Hi Dan,
This is a Giant Water Bug, also called a Toe-Biter, because they are known to bite the toes and other body parts of unwary swimmers and waders, or Electric Light Bugs, because they are attracted to electric lights at night. Because we cannot imagine that your softball game was in a marsh, we are guessing it was a night game and this Giant Water Bug was attracted to the strong night lights on the field. Our big curiousity remains though, however do you find the time to work on quilting while umpiring a game? Or perhaps, a quilter’s Omnigrid serves some other purpose during a softball game? Though the bite of a Toe-Biter is quite painful, they are not dangerous to humans.

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